Line dancing weekends in Dorset & Wiltshire

Some words about our latest weekend:

Another successful brilliant weekend at The Wessex Street, unfortunately our last time there for a while. 

There were some new faces at the weekend this time which was lovely to see and to meet them all, hope to see you all again very soon, and thank you to our regular dancers who without them we could not run these weekends.

We had the fabulous Laura Sway and Jo Jaconelli teaching us lots of lovely new dances with Jo keeping us all on the floor in between the bands and at the workshops with all our favourite dances.

Derek Darby Magill kept us entertained on Friday night with a good variety of dances and dressing up at the end in his schoolboy tie and cap to get us in the mood for our themed night on Saturday

Saturday night we were joined by Debbie and Paul Weston (Streamline) who again kept us on our feet to the fantastic dances that they played.

Debbie and Paul and Laura and Jo had the difficult job of choosing three people who they thought were the best dressed for our theme night (Babies and Children as our charity was for the SUDC Sudden Unexplained Death in Children). They chose a group as in Natasha and her group who were the Royal Family, and Marina who was Call the Midwife and of course Rick who was the biggest baby there, all caught on camera in our photo gallery. 

Unfortunately Laura Jo and a few of the others could not join us for the Sunday night but we still had a brilliant time with the fabulous Daniel Berry who again kept us dancing all night.

We also had the pleasure of Chris Page joining Daniel in singing People are Good. It was lovely to hear him sing, you can see him on the video. It was the first weekend that Chris and his wife Steph had been to and they had a great time booking up for next year.

In our raffle which we held on Saturday night we made £176  for our charity which we will add to when we do our Games Night in a couple of weeks time.

Next year we are off to The Royal Beach Southsea 28th Feb for two nights with Pedro (Peter Barlow) on the Friday night and Texas Tornedos on the Saturday with Karl Harry Winson being our DJ and teaching us some new dances in our workshops.

Then on the 20th November for two nights we are going to The Queens in Bournemouth (this is our first visit to The Queens) with Darcy on the Friday night and The Storms on the Saturday night with Tina Argyle being our DJ and teaching us some dances in the workshops.

So get your names down and deposits paid to secure your place.

See you on the dance floor 

Corinne, Rick and Mike